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Winter Storm Potential Next Week.

Happy Spring as of 12:57 pm today but don’t be fooled winter isn’t done with the Carolinas just yet. There are still many small details to be worked out that can have major impacts on the forecast but the chances of some kind of a winter storm are growing. Read more

Ice Potential Going Up Tonight into Friday morning.

Our winter storm is taking shape to the south while cold dry air at the surface moves in from the northeast. The set-up is there for some areas of ice, especially north of Charlotte along I-40 where we could see a prolong period of freezing rain later tonight. Read more

Potential For Ice Thursday into Friday

It’s going to be a close call again for a really cold rain or some ice Thursday night into Friday morning. No matter what it looks like a very nasty night Thursday and most of Friday morning with tons of clouds and a very, very cold rain. Read more

From the 60s to ice in 8 hours Monday?

Enjoy those partly sunny skies and the temperatures near 70° today because some of the wildest weather we have seen in a long time arrives tomorrow. Temperatures tomorrow will start in the 60s late morning to around noon but will fall below freezing by dinner time with possible wintry weather.  Read more

10 Years ago today Charlotte had nearly 2 feet of snow

One of the biggest snowstorms in Charlotte history ended on this date 10 years ago today. In an amazing 2 days of snow that saw the city come to a standstill at noon time on the 26th when everyone left work and school at the same time. We saw 2 waves of snow on during the day and another at night into the 27th. We even saw thunders now several times throughout the event.

Read more

The year it snowed 3 Wednesdays in a row in March.

This is the stuff of legends around the Carolinas. People who were around still talk about it and even if you weren’t around you have likely heard about it from your relatives or friends. I’m talking about that crazy March that it snowed the first 3 Wednesdays in 1960. Read more

Recapping our Winter Storm & it’s place in history.

Well it is finally over! All the snow, sleet, freezing rain and even rain is gone and now we can start the clean-up. While this was a huge storm for the region.  For Charlotte it was not as epic as you might think. We got 7.6″ over the past 2 days from the storm.  Read more

Winter Storm On The Way

The ingredients are coming together for a significant winter storm for a large part of the Carolinas including the Charlotte metro area. Read more

Winter Storm Potential Going Up: Tuesday-Thursday

Well the trends are becoming clear we are going to see some kind of a winter storm the question is what type? By type I mean either  ice, snow, sleet or rain and in what combination of 2 or 3? The biggest issue now isn’t if the storm comes but how much of it comes and and in what form. This is a Meteorological headache that a gigantic Excedrin won’t cure! Read more

Potential Winter Storm Next Week.

I started talking about the potential on Monday and throughout this week the confidence has been growing for a winter storm the middle of next week. There are still many variables at play, but my confidence is around 30-40% right now. Primarily the track of the low pressure system is the biggest variable which has yet to move into the western US. Read more