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Severe weather threat for Friday

A strong cold front will be bringing the threat for severe storms to the area Friday afternoon and evening. There are a few things that may reduce or enhance the chances of severe storms. Mainly the timing of the front and the amount of heating and instability that is achieved prior to arrival of this front. Right now that arrival and threat appears to be late afternoon and evening with the primary threat being straight line winds. If the front arrives sooner then the threat could be diminished but if it arrives slower during the heating of the late day and evening then the severe threat could increase. Below is a video discussion of the potential event.

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Severe Weather Chances Friday Morning

I’m keeping a close eye on the storm system down in Louisiana and Mississippi right now. This system has brought flooding rains and severe storms to Texas already and is doing the same tonight along the Mississippi river. I expect the system to weaken a bit but there will be enough energy left with this that it bears watching for some strong storms. I don’t expect any tornado threat right now unless the triple point track right over us.

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Winter Tornadoes, is 2012 another 2008?

With last nights and this mornings terrible news of yet another tornado outbreak. Combined with the tornadoes here in North Carolina and the outbreak early last week. The questions and comments are pouring in to me.

  • Brad…. these winter tornadoes I’ve never heard of such a thing.
  • Isn’t this extremely rare?
  • Winter tornadoes aren’t supposed to happen…right?

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Major Tornado Outbreak Sunday night-Updated

Things are coming together for a major severe weather outbreak tonight into Monday morning. Please start preparing in the Ohio Valley into the Mid-South. These storms will strike in January and at night making for a potentially deadly combination. Make sure you, your family, friends and relatives are weather aware going into Sunday night:

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Strong front could bring strong storms tonight

Update: The storms are moving very fast 55mph so all times have been moved up 2-3 hours from my early post.

A very potent arctic cold front is quickly moving across the mid-south this morning heading towards the Carolinas tonight. There are a few threats to watch out for as the day and night progresses. The 1st would be strong surface winds from the southwest ahead of the front. These winds will be 20-30mph with higher gusts to 40 mph as the afternoon and evening progresses. The second threat will be the front itself which should cross the region between 10pm to around 12 am tonight.

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