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Severe Weather Potential Saturday

Well things are finally warming up around here and as that happens wouldn’t you know it the chance for some strong storms moves in. Now the timing of the cold front might work in our favor to reduce the chances but it’s close enough to start thinking about Saturdays threat. Read more

Why last nights thunder was so loud.

As forecasted we got those thunder showers around 2-4am this morning. What was  shocking and startling to so many was just how loud the thunder was. The storms were not very strong at all and as thunderstorms go they really didn’t produce a larger than average amount of lightning. So what was going on? Read more

Severe Weather Threat Thursday into Friday

While we all enjoy the nice warm-up this week it will likely be all coming to an abrupt end Friday. With a strong cold front moving into the Southeast with a chance for strong to severe storms. Like most of these cool season severe weather threats this is going to be one of those high shear, low CAPE events. Read more

Solar Flare will help Produce Strong-Severe Geomagnetic Storming the next 24-48 hrs.

A 1.2 X-Class solar flare occurred on Tuesday and launched what is called a CME or Coronal Mass Ejection towards the Earth. This CME will be impacting the Earth today through tomorrow causing a Geomagnetic storm. Read more

Sandy had huge impacts on the Carolinas 1 year ago

Not many will forget Hurricane Sandy as it impacted the entire state of North Carolina as well as devastating parts of the Northeast. From the Outer Banks into the mountains the impact were large. Here’s a look back at the impacts and highest impacts in the state. Read more

Charlotte the new Severe Weather Capital of America?

I came across some recent research that the Storm Prediction Center placed on their website. Right away something jumped off the map to me. The Charlotte metro area appeared to have more severe weather days than any other location in the U.S. over the time period of 2003-2012. Read more

Last Weeks Downbursts & Arcus Clouds

Last Thursday our entire area was impacted by a severe line of severe thunderstorms. These storms carried damaging winds of between 60 to at times 100 mph causing widespread tree and power line damage. Now many people have never seen shelf clouds or arcus clouds which often accompany these types of storms. Read more

What is a Derecho and The Great Derecho of April 4-5th, 2011

With all the talk about derechos today which frankly is a term that’s been around forever I thought I’d share the last time we were impacted by a derecho. These types of storms are hard to forecast and you usually don’t know if they will be classified as a derecho until they start or until they are over. I should also note no 2 events are ever the exact same and every event should be treated independent of the previous events. Plus remember it’s just a name for a type of storm. The impacts are damaging winds 60-100 mph, flash flooding, large hail and even tornadoes with these storms.

Read more

What we can learn from the tornado tragedy in Oklahoma.

It’s been a horrible few weeks in Oklahoma and then today we learned it got even more tragic as we mourn the loss 3 stalwarts in the storm chaser and severe weather research community. These deaths are even more shocking to the meteorology community because Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young were known for their safety and research breakthroughs. Many chasers including experienced chasers got caught off guard by the size of the mesocyclone which rotated vorticies around it. Read more

Severe Weather Awareness Week- Monday: Severe Thunderstorms

Severe Thunderstorms


A severe thunderstorm is consider any thunderstorms that produces 1.00″ diameter hail or winds guts in excess of 58 mph. Read more

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