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With Autumn comes the Stink Bug and Lady Bug invasion.

It’s that time of the year when you begin to see loads of lady bugs swarming on the sunny side of your home. As the temperatures drop usually after the first frost or freeze like we had the last weekend. Along with sun angle getting lower the ladybug or as they are sometimes called Asian Beetles begin to try to hide from the cold.  Read more

Lightning Bugs Or Fire Flies? Either way they are part of summer.

It’s that time of the year when we get those warm muggy nights after late day thunderstorms. The kind of weather that just screams summer.  It’s also the kind of weather that brings out the fire flies or lightning bugs. Which brings back so many childhood memories of summer for me catching as many as I could in an old pickle jar with holes in the top. Read more

Frost & Freeze Protection

With a freeze tonight & possible again tomorrow night  There are a few things you can do today to help prevent damage to your garden. Temperatures tonight will drop to around 29°-30° for 1-3 hours. Tomorrow night they will drop into the low mid-30s for a few hours. Tonight is the bigger threat but both could damage tender plants. Here are a few things you can do to help prevent damage.

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Resist the Urge to Plant Early

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in our early taste of Spring like weather over this past weekend and the 70s we are going to have the next few days. Even so it’s still only early March and while the grass, trees and even some flowers have already started to show signs of growth. It’s still way too early to think about planting the garden and flowers. That is unless you want to cover them several nights a week for the next month or so. Or if you just want to replace the plants a few times from now until early mid-April.

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With the Cicadas comes the Cicada killer wasp

I blogged in early April about the return of the 17 year Brood II returning to parts of the North Carolina and the large cities of the east coast. Many people are scared of this large ugly looking insect but they are completely harmless. There is an even scarier insect that feeds on the Cicadas and that is the Cicada Killer Wasp. Read more

The 17 Year Cicadas are Returning to Parts of North Carolina

Over the next few weeks you may begin to the see & hear the distinctive sights and sounds of the 17 year Cicadas returning after their hiatus. Now they aren’t returning everywhere in our area just locations from around Lake Norman North.You can’t  miss the sound or miss their appearance once you see them. These little guys are waking up after being in the ground for 17 years. Read more

Here comes the Shrooms!

Last week we had lots of rain and warm temperatures, which is great for Fall overseeing and aeration. There is another side effect to all the rain. That is mushrooms and in some yards lots of mushrooms. At one point last Friday the mold spore count was over 50,000. Read more

Purple Martin Roost Rings on Doppler Radar

Pretty cool sight the past few morning on the Doppler radar as thousands of purple martins take flight from their overnight roosts. These birds gather in the thousands in certain locations to roost for the night. Then each morning for a few weeks in the summer they all take off to forage for food around sunrise. These flocks are so large that they show up on Doppler radar as rings. These rings start small then get larger until the birds have spread out and the ring disappears.

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More snakes this year? No it’s just the early warm weather.

As someone who has a wife completely terrified of snakes I’m always on look out for them around the yard. Don’t tell my wife but I see them all the time and I rarely kill them I relocate them. shhhh!

This year though my Facebook and Twitter pages have filled with pictures and comments about all the snakes. You may have even seen this picture from down in Columbia, SC which was of a snake climbing a tree and it was almost 10’ long.

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The Anoles Are Coming!

You’ve all seen them. The tiny lizards that run all over the side of your house, the fence and the ground on warm and sunny days. They are called Carolina Anoles(Anolis carolinensis) and they come in two main colors green and brown. Though they are also often called American Chameleons because they will change colors depending on the background object they are sitting on. Lots of people keep them as pets and they are very resilient.

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