Perseid Meteor shower peaks tonight, here’s how to find a dark spot.

Tonight’s the peak of the best meteor shower of 2015. So after midnight tonight until 6 am Thursday are the ideal times to look.  So how do you increase your chances to see meteors? Find a dark sky location!2015-08-12_8-48-26

Step #1 get away from the city:


City lights are not your friend in this situation. Even though this is a very large and active meteors shower, which can be seen even in the city. The number of meteors visible will be significantly reduced in heavily light polluted areas near city centers. At the very least get away from the center of town.

Step #2 Dark Sky Finder:


This is an excellent resource for anyone who loves astronomy or astrophotography.  The interactive map can be found right here.  There is also a great smartphone app for $1.99 that does the same thing.

Step #3 Weather Conditions:

A rare treat to have a new moon and meteor shower peak and even more rare to get less humid air in August. The drier air will help reduce the haze tonight. Skies will be mostly clear though there are signs we might see a fast moving area of high clouds float by after midnight. This should not be a major factor. Becuase you can see meteors in the entire sky tonight just look where it’s clear after your eyes adjust.  Have fun and stay safe tonight and early tomorrow!