Ski season in the Carolinas starts this weekend

With cold temperatures and Thanksgiving just 2 weeks away there’s a race among three ski areas in North Carolina to be the first to open. Now most of this is just a PR battle to be the first to open in the southeast but it’s still a blast to see the race to open first.

This year it’s a three way race between… Cataloochee, Sugar Mountain and Appalachian Ski Mountain. All three are very popular areas and have outstanding snowmaking. My money might be on Appalachian due to their outstanding snowmaking abilities, but it will be close. Here’s a look at the three areas in contention for the first in the Southeast with skiing in the 2011-2012 ski season.



Has a great reputation for having amazing snowmaking and just a few years ago was able to open on Halloween.


Sugar Mountain:

Has some of if not the best terrain in the Carolinas.



Appalachian Ski Mountain:

They might have the best snow guns in the Southeast and with their massive number of fan guns and water supply they can lay down snow faster than anyone.



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