Winters Revenge: Coldest air of the season coming.

Most would say this winter so far has been a mild. It has been compared to the average but only slightly warmer than last year. It has though been snow and ice-free so far. Well the pattern heading our way this weekend will be making up for lost time.


3 surges of Arctic Air on the way:

The first surge of cold air arrives Thursday night into Friday with a dry but powerful arctic cold front. This will drop temperatures down into the teens and 20s by Friday morning. With highs only in the 30s.


It gets even colder Sunday with the second surge of cold air. This time the winds will be howling so dangerous wind chills below zero will be likely almost area wide.


2015-02-10_21-07-54The pattern is staying cold well into next week:

It’s not like we catch much of a break as yet a third blast of cold arctic air arrives next week around Wednesday or Thursday. There could even be a storm with this third blast and if we are going to get snow or ice Tuesday into Wednesday.


What about Snow chances?:

Those chances of snow are about as high as I’ve seen them so far this season. The probabilities of 1″ of snow across he Piedmont are around 40-50% which is quite high this far out. Still very early to talk about any specific storm but this is by far the best pattern for winter weather we have seen all season long next week. Stay tuned!