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Why it’s Called Uptown & Why Charlotte’s Uptown Streets go Northeast.

Ever notice how we call downtown Charlotte Uptown? Or why North Tryon really runs Northeast? Well I did and while I have blogged about this before it was the way the streets run in Uptown that made me want to research this further. Most cities are settled near a body of water or some other important navigational feature like a port or railroad. Charlotte settled for what at the time of it’s founding was the middle of nowhere. So I always wondered why it was set-up the way it is.  Read more

The Earliest Snowfall on Record in North Carolina.


207 PM EDT THU OCT 6 2011



100,000 Tweets: Meaningful or Meaningless?

I  surpassed a Twitter milestone this past weekend. It happened at a weird time but a fitting time. I was tracking strong storms all Saturday afternoon from home and after the wxbabies woke up from a nap we went to the pool. This is a summertime ritually at my house weekends means pool time with the family. Another ritually is me tweeting weather whenever it is happening. So in between jumps by the kids into the pool I went to check my iPhone for updates on the weather. Read more

Record Lake Levels

The recent flooding along the Catawba river chain will go down as one of the top floods along the chain on record. In most cases the lake levels reached this week were the highest or 2nd highest on record. The most recent comparison was in 2004 when the remnants of hurricane Francis came through or the flooding back in 2007 due to days of heavy thunderstorms. Read more

The 17 Year Cicadas are Returning to Parts of North Carolina

Over the next few weeks you may begin to the see & hear the distinctive sights and sounds of the 17 year Cicadas returning after their hiatus. Now they aren’t returning everywhere in our area just locations from around Lake Norman North.You can’t  miss the sound or miss their appearance once you see them. These little guys are waking up after being in the ground for 17 years. Read more

The Highest Point in Charlotte is a Cul-de-sac

Besides my love and passion for weather and science, I also enjoy maps and geography. So it piqued my interest when I came across a recent story in Charlotte Magazine about how Uptown Charlotte got its name. When most people call their center city “downtown” Charlotte calls it “Uptown”. The basic reason wasn’t a PR stunt but has historical roots based on the elevation of center city. The geographic center of Charlotte is the intersection of Trade and Tryon at 746’ above sea level. This elevation makes it much higher than the surrounding neighborhoods and most of Charlotte. Thus making you have to literally travel uphill to get to center city. So thus the name Uptown Charlotte. Read more

Once in a Blue Moon coming up on Friday

You likely have heard of the term, “once in a blue moon”. That term refers to something that doesn’t happen very often. The term originated from astronomy when you have the second full moon in a calendar month. Typically you only have one full moon during a single calendar month. Though sometimes February won’t have 2 full moons because it’s so short. This month is the rare month that we have 2 full moons in the same calendar month. We had a full moon back on August 1st and now we will have a 2nd on August 31st.

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Perseid Meteor Shower should be the best of the year.

The Perseid meteor shower is technically already started but the peak will be this weekend Saturday and Sunday night. I would recommend getting out early in the night and as far away from the city lights as possible. You want almost no light pollution to interfere with your viewing. Even if you can’t do that you should still see some in the city just not as may. The best times should be after 1am Sunday morning and again Monday morning. Under ideal conditions you could see as many as 100 per hour.

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The Transit of Venus Tuesday June 5th, 2012

A very rare treat will be visible Tuesday evening: The transit of Venus will be visible from the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada, Contact I should occur within about a minute of 6:03 p.m. EDT. You can’t view if unless you have special glasses but Discover Place in Uptown will be holding a special viewing event from 5-8pm Tuesday. Click here for more information. Discovery Place Transit of Venus Event.

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Get ready for another Supermoon this Saturday

Like last years supermoon on March 19th which was a big hit among sky watchers. This Saturday there will be an equally amazing sight as the biggest full moon of the year will occurred at 11:35 EDT. Another rare treat will occur Friday night as the annual Eta Aquarid meteor showers will be peaking. Though the supermoon will far out shine the meteor shower.

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