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Moon Halos or Rings

Tonight’s full snow moon named for the full moon in February is casting a nice 22° halo over Charlotte. These halos or rings around the moon are not very rare at all but often when people see them for the first time they are amazed. They form through a pretty simple process thanks to high cirrus clouds at around 20-30,000 feet. Cirrus clouds by their nature are made up of tiny ice crystals or super cooled water droplets. When these particles form hexagonal shaped ice crystals then we are in business.

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Does it have to snow in Atlanta for it to snow in Charlotte? No!

Ever since I have been in Charlotte now 12 years and counting. I’ve always heard this saying, “If it doesn’t snow in Atlanta it’s not going to snow in Charlotte”. It was kind of an odd thing, even though the first several snow storms I experienced in 2002 and 2003 didn’t cause snow in Atlanta. Ever since then I have been keeping tallies of the myth/folklore and can understand how this started and why it may be true at times but more often than not it just doesn’t work out that way. Read more

Weekend Storm is looking all rain right now except for the mountains.

The pattern is changing and we are going into a much stormier pattern starting this upcoming weekend. If you are a snow lover you might need to wait a while longer for a “real” threat of wintry weather. As is often the case with the 1st storm in a pattern change you just don’t have the cold air for snow. In the Carolinas you’d like to see the cold air establish itself first then get a storm if you are a snow lover. This weekends storm is just lacking serious cold air to work with. It doesn’t mean we can’t see some wintry mix especially in the mountains or even north of I-40 though.  Read more

Pre-Christmas weather pattern looks active

Lots of buzz about the pattern change for the Dec 20-24 time period, which is looking more and more likely. It’s one thing to be confidence in a stormy pattern and quite another to even entertain specifics of wintry weather when we are still in the 7-14 day time frame. Here’s what we know right now and more importantly what we don’t know.  Read more

White Christmas History in Charlotte

If you were hoping for a white Christmas in Charlotte this year I suggest looking at pictures and videos from 2010. Getting snow on Christmas in Charlotte is a very rare event.

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Arctic front still not here yet, but it’s coming!

I know it seems like a week since we started talking about this cold air, but it’s still not here yet. It’s right on schedule for tonight, but it’s slow methodically march across the country has had people talking for 5-7 days now.  Read more

Could we really see snow Saturday?

I’ll get right to the point yes we could and yes maybe even in Charlotte area and Piedmont.  Now no it’s not going to be accumulating but it could be falling from the sky mixed with some very cold rain. Read more

With Autumn comes the Stink Bug and Lady Bug invasion.

It’s that time of the year when you begin to see loads of lady bugs swarming on the sunny side of your home. As the temperatures drop usually after the first frost or freeze like we had the last weekend. Along with sun angle getting lower the ladybug or as they are sometimes called Asian Beetles begin to try to hide from the cold.  Read more

Wednesday mornings lunar eclipse in Charlotte

While we will have the chance to see the lunar eclipse a few things are working against it being a great event in the Charlotte region. Let’s start when the when and where stuff. Read more

Summer 2014 in Charlotte by the numbers & charts.

So did you think it was a mild summer? Wet summer? Dry Summer? Here’s the summer weatherwise by the numbers using charts and graphs. This will allow you to compare it to years past and put it in perspective.  Read more