• Susan Stokes Shirley

    I was 5 years old that year (or would be that June). My parent’s front porch was 5 steps off the ground and the snow was level with the porch. We built ‘snow igloos’ in the back yard that stayed around for what seemd like forever.

  • Sandra Rowell Race

    I was 10 years old and it was a blast… we had sleds for the very first time… which were really the lids off of trash cans … thought we would never get out of school that year… but it was fun….and it stayed on the ground for weeks … or so it seemed … as a kid it didn’t matter it was just fun … i bet we ate a case of pork ‘n beans … still make me sick to this day even to look at them .. but what an amazing March that was!!

    • wxbrad

      What an awesome memory!

  • Jerry Martin

    I was 11 that year and it was fun but also a lot of work on the farm. We had to be sure the livestock was fed and stayed warm in the barn. Wood was used for heating so we had to saw some logs we were going to use in the fall for curing tobacco. Cutting into the supply we had just cut since December. The wood was still green so it took longer for it to burn and it gave off a lot of smoke. My dad had just bought a new truck right before Christmas. (1961 Chevy Apache long bed straight drive and that was about it) As I remember the snow banks were up to the windshield. We had a lot of canned food mama had canned in the summer and fall. We had just killed hogs so we had some meat but we also hunted rabbits. Since they were easy to track in the snow we didn’t have to stay out too long at a time. We would take the tractor down to the bottoms and start tracking them from there. Also I would check the rabbit gums I had put out and we would find 1 or 2 in them. They were also out looking for food so there were a lot of them. We would get 6 or 8 and bring them back to clean and mama would make a stew. Usually it would be rabbit stew, bacon or sausage, gravy, green beans or pintos, biscuits, canned tomatoes blackberry or grape jelly. It varied with other foods too but that’s what stands out in my memory right now. It was a long month and I was glad to get back to school.

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