• Jean Sines

    Brad what do you see for Granite Falls N.C.? So I can be ready ,I live by myself and I am 75 yrs old and I am afraid of loosing my power…then I would freeze to death! .Do I need to buy a kerosene heater or just wait for a update later?

    • wxbrad

      I’d be ready for anything, though where you are it should be less ice and more snow.

    • Kimberly Farmer

      from what I have heard they arent even selling kerosene heaters anymore. i know the walmart around here has already put out spring and summer stuff and all the winter stuff is gone

  • Kathy Bosiak

    argh! do not want Saturday school……………. or delays in soccer…. or no Jamboree on Saturday because the fields are messed up…….

  • tb1181

    when is this suppose to start? I am taking a bus 2/11/14 from Philly to Washington and then Charlotte,N.C get in abt 3.20 pm and then taking a greyhound to Columbia,SC for my daughters Army Graduation at Fort Jackson,S.C

    • wxbrad

      Late Tuesday afternoon into the evening it when it really cranks up.

      • tb1181

        do you know around what time? and will it be safe to travel

        Thank You

        • wxbrad

          I expect roads to be very slick at night for sure but during the day not sure how they will be doing yet.

  • Jenn Coligado

    Thanks for always keeping us informed, Brad! I live in Fort Mill with four kids and no non-electric heat source. Preparing today in case this turns out as bad or worse than expected. I shared your blog on mine :-) http://neverjustahousewife.blogspot.com/

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