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White Christmas History in Charlotte

If you were hoping for a white Christmas in Charlotte this year I suggest looking at pictures and videos from 2010. Getting snow on Christmas in Charlotte is a very rare event.

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Winter Storm Potential Next Week.

Happy Spring as of 12:57 pm today but don’t be fooled winter isn’t done with the Carolinas just yet. There are still many small details to be worked out that can have major impacts on the forecast but the chances of some kind of a winter storm are growing. Read more

From the 60s to ice in 8 hours Monday?

Enjoy those partly sunny skies and the temperatures near 70° today because some of the wildest weather we have seen in a long time arrives tomorrow. Temperatures tomorrow will start in the 60s late morning to around noon but will fall below freezing by dinner time with possible wintry weather.  Read more

Severe Weather Threat Thursday into Friday

While we all enjoy the nice warm-up this week it will likely be all coming to an abrupt end Friday. With a strong cold front moving into the Southeast with a chance for strong to severe storms. Like most of these cool season severe weather threats this is going to be one of those high shear, low CAPE events. Read more

Winter Storm On The Way

The ingredients are coming together for a significant winter storm for a large part of the Carolinas including the Charlotte metro area. Read more

Winter Storm Potential Going Up: Tuesday-Thursday

Well the trends are becoming clear we are going to see some kind of a winter storm the question is what type? By type I mean either  ice, snow, sleet or rain and in what combination of 2 or 3? The biggest issue now isn’t if the storm comes but how much of it comes and and in what form. This is a Meteorological headache that a gigantic Excedrin won’t cure! Read more

Super Bowl XLVIII Weather: A honest look

You can’t turn on any sports channel without the commentators going on and on about the outdoor Super Bowl in a cold weather city. It’s getting really annoying because guess what? It’s not moving and you can’t control the weather. So why keep harping on it? Then don’t get me started on people trying to forecast the Super Bowl weather 2 months out. You are more likely to pick the correct team and score of the game right now than forecast the weather precisely this far in advance. Check back with me 2 weeks out, but better how about 7 days out? Read more

100,000 Tweets: Meaningful or Meaningless?

I  surpassed a Twitter milestone this past weekend. It happened at a weird time but a fitting time. I was tracking strong storms all Saturday afternoon from home and after the wxbabies woke up from a nap we went to the pool. This is a summertime ritually at my house weekends means pool time with the family. Another ritually is me tweeting weather whenever it is happening. So in between jumps by the kids into the pool I went to check my iPhone for updates on the weather. Read more

Winter Storm Chances Increasing Friday

The prospects for a winter  storm impacting the entire area are increasing for Friday. There are still large questions of the amounts of precipitation that will fall but a few things are becoming clearer today. Number one being this will likely be an all winter precipitation event and likely for a large part of our area. The air is plenty cold enough and dry enough to keep everything either snow/sleet or freezing rain. We aren’t looking at much of any rain at all right now.

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Top Ten Weather Events for 2012

In no particular order because it’s always hard to compared events against each other. Here are the ten biggest weather story of 2012 for our area.

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