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This June heat wave in perspective

It’s been hot and it’s been hot early this summer but how rare is this type of heat in Charlotte in June? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Over the past week starting on Sunday, the high temperatures has remained at or above 97°. We have tied or broken 3 record highs and hit 100° for the 1st time since July 8th, 2012.  Read more

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Heavy rain threat Saturday with some isolated severe storms

Maybe 4 days in a row with perfect weather was just too much to ask for. Now the rain is moving back in and it’s really going to be a soaker Saturday. As ugly as it will be at times Saturday the cool wet weather, for the most part, should save us from severe storms. That is until late in the day as a warm front tries to move north. Read more


Severe Weather Threat Thursday into Friday

While we all enjoy the nice warm-up this week it will likely be all coming to an abrupt end Friday. With a strong cold front moving into the Southeast with a chance for strong to severe storms. Like most of these cool season severe weather threats this is going to be one of those high shear, low CAPE events. Read more


Winter Storm Potential Going Up: Tuesday-Thursday

Well the trends are becoming clear we are going to see some kind of a winter storm the question is what type? By type I mean either  ice, snow, sleet or rain and in what combination of 2 or 3? The biggest issue now isn’t if the storm comes but how much of it comes and and in what form. This is a Meteorological headache that a gigantic Excedrin won’t cure! Read more


Super Bowl XLVIII Weather: A honest look

You can’t turn on any sports channel without the commentators going on and on about the outdoor Super Bowl in a cold weather city. It’s getting really annoying because guess what? It’s not moving and you can’t control the weather. So why keep harping on it? Then don’t get me started on people trying to forecast the Super Bowl weather 2 months out. You are more likely to pick the correct team and score of the game right now than forecast the weather precisely this far in advance. Check back with me 2 weeks out, but better how about 7 days out? Read more