Charlotte Flood Assessment August 5th, 2011

Storm Water Services did a great job with the recent flood in Charlotte. Thought I‘d share with you their assessment. Here’s the write-up.


August 5, 2011 – Flood Damage Assessments Continue
More than 70 buildings were damaged in Friday’s flooding, the worst in Charlotte-Mecklenburg in nearly three years. The flooding affected more than 100 homes, sometimes damaging air conditioners or other outside structures but not the house itself.
Preliminary reports by the Charlotte Fire Department, the American Red Cross, and Storm Water Services show:

  • The heaviest rainfall was at Brookshire Boulevard and Beatties Ford Road where 6.83″ of rain fell in about four hours on Friday
  • The worst flooding was in the Irwin and Stewart watersheds, northwest and west of uptown
  • At one point, Stewart Creek was five feet over its banks at State Street near Johnson C Smith University
  • 86 emergency responses to assist people in flooded vehicles and flooded buildings
  • More than 150 requests for Storm Water Services to investigate drainage problems
  • Floodwater entered more than 68 structures. About one-third of those buildings had floodwater in the basement or crawl space. An additional 42 structures had floodwater in the living space.
  • Water was in the living space up to 50 inches deep.
  • 19 families helped at the Red Cross’ emergency shelter at Northwest School of the Arts
  • Two deaths in rain-swollen Irvins Creek, a tributary of McAlpine Creek in southeast Charlotte
 August 5, 2011 flooding 
  Rainfall Map from August 5, 2011   After a Flood information
  This week, Storm Water Services continues to assess flood damage and look for long-term options for owners of flooded buildings. No dollar estimate is available yet for flood damage to structures, contents of homes and businesses or to vehicles. The Red Cross continues to help those affected by the floods and accept contributions from the public to fund disaster assistance.

More than 100 high-risk properties that flooded on Friday used to have buildings on them but are now vacant lots due to the Storm Water Services’ Floodplain Buyout Program. The land is returned to open space which is not damaged when it floods. More than 230 flood-prone properties have been bought and town down in the past 11 years.

How did the flooding affect people? Watch this video by the American Red Cross, Greater Charlotte Chapter.


source Charlotte Mecklenburg Storm Water Services.