Calling All Weather Geeks, Weenies & Junkies

Do you love watching clouds, Have you ever watch The Weather Channel for hours on End? Can you tell a wall cloud from a scud cloud.

Then you might be a weather geek!60242

If you are like me and weather is your passion. We want you to be part of the First Warn Storm Team as one of our spotters. This only requires that you send us weather reports, pictures and even videos via, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus E-mail whenever you’d like.

Occasionally when we have severe weather we may call on you to be our reporter in the field. It maybe just on the phone or via Skype and you might even be on TV. If you fill out the form below we will add you to our list. We have a closed Facebook page and we even will get together to share storm stories and train.

This is about helping your fellow Carolinians get real-time weather information that may help saves lives. It’s also about being part of what I hope will be the best weather community in the Southeast. This is just the beginning but with your help we can make sure people are more weather aware and ready for what ever mother nature throws at them



  • wxbrad

    WOW thanks everyone….. so far 37 people have signed up, this is awesome!

    • i signed up cause i haved loved watching the weather all my life since i was young brad i used to live in indiana so i have seen tornados to ice storms to floods to hail and ect. now i have lived in claremont nc for 4 years and love the south.

  • I currently send out weather alerts on facebook for a couple local TV stations and phone calls for individuals who want them.

    • wxbrad

      Thanks David.

  • @wxbrad you rock man! Thanks @jason_ or @radarwx –

    • wxbrad

      thanks Jason! 🙂

  • Looking forward to it. I have always been a die hard weather geek, but the day that hooked me was 3/28/84 while 8 years old and living in Mint Hill. First time I had ever seen green/yellow/brown skies. Also going thru Hugo was one of the best nights of my life. LOL