Easter Weekend Forecast

Good Friday sure always seems to be rainy and cloudy and this year it’s very cool. The cold air wedge or cold air damming is in full affect today. This will make today just ugly, cloudy, gray, damp and cool. The good news is as bad as today looks the weekend will be amazing. The wedge might hold on for a bit early Saturday but as the day goes on things will improve dramatically.

Below is this mornings, radar, clouds and temperatures clearly the wedge is on. To the right is the forecasted 2 meter temperatures at 5pm notice how warm it is everywhere but in the wedge are. While temperature soar into the 70s and 80 to our west and south we are stuck in the 50s’ all day long.


Things improve this weekend and enjoy your holiday!

Saturday: morning clouds and drizzle giving way to sunshine by the afternoon with highs near 79°

Sunday: Sunny and very warm for Easter with highs near 85°.