Quail Hollow Weekend Forecast

It’s one of my favorite weekends in Charlotte all year long. It’s the Wells Fargo Championship out at the beautiful Quail Hallow Country Club. The forecast is always crucial and so far the light winds and little bit of rain has made the course much easier than normal. This weekend the weather gets a tad warmer and the threat for rain is there again Sunday. Saturday though could not be better check out my forecast for round # 3 below. After this morning fog burns off today will be nice.

snapshot (1)

Saturday night into Sunday a MCS or thunderstorm complex should be forming over the Ohio Valley and threatens to bring some overnight rains. These rains might linger into the morning Sunday but should not affect play in a major way. But…this MCS will leave behind an outflow boundary which could be the trigger for more storm development in the afternoon heating Sunday during the final round. Futurecast is trying to keep this to our southwest but too close for comfort. The main issue really isn’t the rain but the lightning that these storms could bring Sunday afternoon.


It wouldn’t be golf at Quail Hollow without a little rain anyways. In the 8 years now since the tournament has been back in Charlotte only one year had all 4 rounds of play dry, that was 2008. Check my previous blog post on the weather history of the tournament.