Snow chances increasing for Sunday morning

Many people mainly north of Charlotte will see snow falling tomorrow morning and maybe even around Charlotte. The real question is how likely it will be that anything actually sticks to the ground. The ground temperatures will be around 40°, and air temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30s. So this will be melting on contact with the ground as it falls. The only thing that overcomes these warm ground and air temperatures are a quick burst of very heavy snow. Which would allow for accumulations on grassy surfaces. I think even around Charlotte we could see some flakes but not lasting very long. This quick burst of snow north of the are could get a quick dusting on grassy surfaces.

Current Storm location:


Short range models:

Our in-house RPM model shows a quick burst near Charlotte that is a rain snow mix. This burst doesn’t last nearly as long as the snow in the mountains and foothills. This band is in and out between 6am-10am. We will actually see the sunshine by lunch time.

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My current thinking as of 10 am this morning:

Manuel Snowfall Map


Current Snow Meter:

Becuase this will be a talker more so than any impact on roads I will keep the #snowmeter at a one. I don’t see any advisories issued for the Charlotte area yet, but we could see one for the mountains and the I-40 corridor.

Snow Meter