Winter Storm Potential Next Week.

Happy Spring as of 12:57 pm today but don’t be fooled winter isn’t done with the Carolinas just yet. There are still many small details to be worked out that can have major impacts on the forecast but the chances of some kind of a winter storm are growing.

I’d put the chances of seeing snow next week around 30% right now & trending up. Stay tuned the video below is really what I’m thinking right now based on all the guidance but focuses on the GFS model for right now.

Here’s a video discussion of the potential right now.

GFS Set-up Tuesday 2pm:


GFS Snowfall:


What’s the precedent for this?

It’s not unheard of and for some reason March 25th is just one of those dates. In 1971, 1972 and 1974 we had a snowstorms on this date. So it’s happened before but not since then.

Measurable snowfalls in Charlotte on or After March 25th all time 1878-2014:


  • Carol Clark Diebolt

    Brad……I used to like you a lot!!!!! Not so much after this forecast! UGH! =)

    • wxbrad

      Sorry!! 🙂

  • Lyn

    I say bring it more good snow…it will be hot and humid soon enough with plenty of bugs…subtropical weather is not my favorite!